The approach used in the design of children events is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). In other words, the aim is to ensure that the child is more curious and interested in the interaction of science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics at the end of the workshops, and the workshop has made a difference at the child’s perception on these subjects.
However the approach in adult workshops is to create a breathing space for the participant  in the routine and uniform flow of the daily life. And for this reason, our adult workshops are much more focussed on art and entertainment.

As long as it stays within the spirit of the initiative, the activities can be carried out (1) in different locations such as a ballet course, a dog care farm, a flower breeding greenhouse etc. principally in the workplace where the work in subject is actually carried out, and (2) in any other location organized as a workshop.

Activities can be organized in a "let's do something different today" mind set without any special reason, as well as for a celebration such as a child's birthday.