What does Happybirds do?

Happy Birds is an organization established to organize alternative events. The term “alternative events” is used for the events designed in a way that they combine work and fun together and organized in a workshop format. The most essential part of the workshop design is that it involves creativity and imagination of participants in all cases. And of course, the pleasure participants get from the work they have done is considered an important and inseparable part of the organized events.


The approach used in the design of children events is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). In other words, the aim is to ensure that the child is more curious and interested in the interaction of science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics at the end of the workshops, and the workshop has made a difference at the child’s perception on these subjects. However the approach in adult workshops is to create a breathing space for the participant  in the routine and uniform flow of the daily life. And for this reason, our adult workshops are much more focussed on art and entertainment.